Benriner Spiralizer Vegetable Spagetti!

The professional grade Benriner Spiralizer Cook Help from Japan is a premium quality choice for raw foods enthusiasts, chefs and creative cooks. It creates elegant garnishes and delicate spiral slices and noodles from firm-fleshed vegetables and fruits with very little waste.

Key Features

  • Vertical processing makes it easy to apply downward pressure
  • The finest 1mm thick spiral slices are possible with the Benriner
  • Makes 1mm x 1mm angel hair noodles from firm fleshed fruit & veg
  • Also makes 3mm and 5mm flat noodle blades
  • Strong ABS plastic body
  • Precision heavy duty stainless blades

Benriner Spiralizer  the Vegetable Spagetti Maker

Three removable blades quickly switch the Benriner Spiralizer from cutting spiral slices to making ribbon noodle shapes of 1mm x 1mm, 1mm x 3mm or 1mm x 5mm. It is very compact and it works with the precision you would expect from Japanese engineering, helping you quickly create a visual feast of different shapes, flavours and textures. The vertical orientation of this Benriner Spiralizer makes it slightly easier to process ingredients using downward instead of lateral force.

Beautiful presentation is a key element of Japanese food, so as you would expect, this Benriner spiralizer and ribbon slicer makes beautiful, precise spiral slices and ribbon noodle shapes from vegetables and firm fleshed fruits.


The 1mm serrated blade makes perfect angel hair pasta shapes from hard vegetables to add texture and finesse to your recipes. For softer vegetables like Courgette the 3mm blade will create perfect raw pasta or rosti potato. Cucumber will make delicate ribbons with the larger 5mm blade. Remove the serrated blade and you can use the Benriner to make wafer thin spiral shapes.

Highly prized in the world of Raw and Living Foods, loved by chefs for creating beautiful recipes and garnishes, the Benriner Cook Help is a highly recommended premium choice.

Benriner Spiralizer

It’s the most compact spiralizer in the Benriner Spiralizer range but this doesn’t compromise its performance in any way. If anything, the ABS and Nylon frame of the Cook Help Spiralizer is more sure-footed than some larger manual turning slicers, offering a solid platform for quick and easy use.

The Cook Help blades are precision engineered, razor sharp stainless steel and will withstand heavy duty use. When they finally lose their edge replacements are available, so unlike with some cheaper models you don’t have to buy a complete replacement spiralizer.


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