Saturday Kitchen Recipes 16 Sep 2023


Saturday Kitchen Recipes 09 Sep 2023

Gemma Ogston

Gemma is a plant-based chef and mum of two with her own company Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen based in Brighton. The follow up to The Self-Care Cookbook: Easy Healing Plant-Based Recipes her latest book is The Healing Cookbook which takes self care to the next level

Richard Bainbridge

Richard started working in professional kitchens aged 16. He worked with the Roux brothers for three years and was head chef at Michelin starred Morston Hall under Galton Blackiston and is now chef owner of Benedicts in Norwich, his first solo venture


Rick Marlow

Sourdough tin loaf

Bread enthusiast Rick Marlow started Masa Bakery back in 2020 to keep himself busy whilst he was furloughed from his job. Focused on spreading a bit of joy to his neighbours as everyone rode the uncertain waves of the pandemic, Masa has since snowballed into a fully fledged business.


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