Saturday Kitchen Recipes 28 Jan 2023


Saturday Kitchen Recipes 14 Jan 2023

Sertaç Dirik

His dad’s Turkish restaurant, Mangal 2 in east London, was in trouble. His brother needed help. Sertaç came to the rescue. “I had a job in Copenhagen, I had a girlfriend. But my brother said he needed help and he never asks for help. I broke up with my girlfriend, quit my job, and was home within the month.”

Nisha Katona

In 2014 Nisha gave up her 20-year barrister career and used all her savings to open the first Mowgli Street Food restaurant in Liverpool. Fast-forward to now and its 18 restaurants, 4 cookbooks and an MBE
The Spice TreeThe Mowgli Cook BookPimp My RiceThe 30 Minute Mowgli

Saliha Mahmood-Ahmed

Winner of MasterChef 2017 Saliha began cooking at the age of 12 and was heavily influenced by the Kashmiri style of cooking of her maternal grandmother and mother. Her book Khazana was the Observer Food cookbook of the year.

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