Saturday Kitchen Recipes 01 Jul 2023


Saturday Kitchen Recipes 01 Jul 2023

Paul Ainsworth

Paul got his early cheffing background working under Gary Rhodes, Gordon Ramsay and Marcus Wareing. He now has his own Padstow empire with Number6, Caffe Rojano, Padstow Townhouse and The Mariners in nearby Rock

Angela Hartnett

It was thanks to her mother that Angela fell in love with cooking as a child, helping feed the family if her mum was busy working as a childminder or heading up the road to her nonna’s house to learn about the pasta that has become her trademark

Guiseppe Federici and Marianna Sgarito

Giuseppe is a plant-based foodie and is on a culinary crusade to inspire the way we all think and eat. You can find his simple and delicious recipes on Instagram


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